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Looking for a New Dentist? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Choosing a new dentist is a long-term decision and an important one as well. After all, this person is going to play a major role in your oral healthcare and how your dental discomforts will be addressed. Therefore, when you start looking for a dentist, there are several aspects for you to consider.

Generally speaking, there are several qualities that separate a good dentist from a bad one, and in consequence, eases the selection process for patients. Effective communication that leads to a better understanding of patient needs, friendly as well as respectful treatment, and an adequate amount of experience are some of the elements that characterize a good dentist.

Once you’ve set out on the journey of choosing a new dentist in Dubai Marina, be prepared to conduct thorough research. After you’ve narrowed down your options, start interviewing the dentists you’ve selected using the 7 essential questions we’ll be discussing below, and beware of any dentists who do not welcome questions from potential patients.

1.  In What Areas Do You Specialize?

Each patient has a unique dental situation and often requires specific treatments. Therefore, this is a great question to ask to solicit information about specialties and qualifications. Learn about their education, training, certifications, and how choosing to pursue their services is of benefit to you.

Sometimes, your family-recommended dentist is not the best dentist for you. It’s crucial to select a dentist who is capable of catering to your dental needs and has hands-on experience in treating dental conditions like yours (if you have any!).

2.  Are There Any Dental Treatments You Do Not Offer?

After establishing what your new potential dentist specializes in, you should ask if there are any treatments that are outside their repertoire. It’s wrong to expect a dentist to be able to provide all dental treatments, and it could lead to possible disappointments in the future.

Start by compiling a list of the treatments they DO offer, and then consider the ones that you might be interested in somewhere down the line. If the dentist doesn’t offer them, he or she might refer you to another practitioner for certain procedures. It’s important to know what these procedures are and where they will refer you before making your decision.

3.  What Advanced Technology Do You Use?

Besides treatments, check if the dentist is up-to-date on the latest advances in dental technology. Whether it be digital X-rays or laser dentistry, there are several useful dental innovations out there. Even if dentists are not making full use of every technology available, they must be aware of them and apply some of these innovations to patient care.

Advanced dental technology leads to more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment, and a better overall patient experience. Knowing the range of technologies a dentist is using will help you make a more informed decision.

4.    What’s Your Relationship With Your Clients Like?

Although some people might overlook the importance of this aspect, it makes a world of difference when you have a dentist with great bedside manners. The idea of getting your dental issues fixed or going to the dentist’s office is generally surrounded by nervousness, especially for anyone suffering from dental anxiety.

Consequently, you need to make sure that the dentist you choose is devoted to making his or her patients relaxed and cared for. Patient reviews are great indicators of a dentist’s manners since they are based on real-life interactions; it helps to go through these reviews to see if they match the dentist’s answers.

5.   What Is Your Availability for Appointments?

It’s not a secret that a dentist won’t always be at your beck and call due to the busy nature of the industry. If your dental condition or needs require emergency treatment from the best orthodontist in Dubai, then making sure that the dentist’s availability is convenient to your needs is essential.

In relation, there are a couple of other aspects you should learn about. You need to know if you’ll always be meeting with the same dentist, if there’s a rotation system, and if there are any privileges for loyal, established customers, or if they’re offered a standard treatment just like any new patient.

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