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Know Everything About Fertility Check In Brief

Getting married to your special one is the happiest and joyful thing that happens in your life. You are spending your married life happily with your partner. And after some time, both of you decide to become parents of a healthy and cute baby. As per your plan, both of you have frequent sexual intercourse at the right time and try to conceiev. However, you don’t succeed in starting your parenthood journey even after having unprotected sex for a year. At this time, you should book your appointment with a gynaecologist at the best fertility clinic and discuss your matter with him/her.   

When do you need to have a fertility check?

Being unsuccessful in your efforts to become parents doesn’t mean you or your partner have infertility. There would be some issues in both of you. And due to those issues, you might be facing problems in bringing a child into your married life. Through a fertility check, your doctor will address the issues you may have. You should go for a fertility check:

  • If both of you are above 30 and haven’t become parents of a child
  • You are below 30 and your mother had menopause at a younger age, especially before 40
  • If you are a heavy smoker 
  • When your weight is out of your control or you are an obese 
  • If someone in your family had fragile egg syndrome 
  • Frequent unprotected sex is not making you pregnant 
  • If you have irregular periods 
  • After facing repeated miscarriages 
  • You have thyroid problems 
  • If you notice ejaculation problems 
  • When you face issues in maintaining your penile erection during physical intimacy with your partner 
  • If you have faced any trauma in your life 

Should both of you have a fertility check?

Yes, both of you should have a fertility check. It is, as both or any one of you may be responsible for not having a child. Going through an Increased fertility will help you who has the issue and what treatment you should have to bring a child into your married life. 

What takes place during a fertility check?

As per your appointment, you go to have a consultation with your doctor. The expert interacts with you and asks a few questions related to your lifestyle, family history, your sex life, and so on. Your answers to the doctor’s queries help him/her suggest a few tests that could help him/her know the root cause. The prescribed tests may be some that are mentioned below:

  • Examination of fallopian tubes, uterus, and eggs – The doctor at a fertility clinic will ask you for a pelvic examination. To have a look at the internal condition of your uterus and ovaries, the expert can ask you to have a respective ultrasound. Further, the doctor can prescribe a blood test to know the status of hormones in your body. The expert can ask you to track your ovulation patterns through taking your body temperatures, having a look at your cervical mucus, and using at-home ovulation tests. 

Your doctor may ask you for an HSG test if he/she is unable to find the suitable answer to your problems in your parenthood journey. The expert may use an x-ray machine to watch the dye movement throughout your fallopian tubes and uterus. 

  • Semen analysis – In making you pregnant, your male partner has also a crucial role, apart from yours. The doctor can ask you (male) to masterbate at the clinic or bring your semen for a semen analysis. Through it, the doctor will know semen fluid quantity and the number, motility, shape, size, movement, etc. of your sperm. You may also have to go through a blood test. This test will help your doctor to know whether you have hormonal problems or not.     

What are treatment options after having a fertility check?

After going through the test results, your doctor will have a clear idea about your fertility problems. Knowing the root cause will help the expert suggest you the best infertility treatments. The possible treatment options are as follows:

  • IVF
  • ICSI 
  • IUI
  • Surrogacy 
  • Donor program 
  • Surgery to remove the blockage in the fallopian tube 


A fertility check is an ideal option to know whether you or your partner have issues. Knowing the root cause with the doctor consultation will help both of you what you should do now to make your parenthood journey successful for you.  

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