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Easy Ways to Stay Fit in a Canadian Winter

The winters in Canada are so long and so impossibly cold that many people feel like it’s an eventuality that they’re going to put on weight and end up heavier once the cold weather sets in.  This can be depressing, especially if you’ve spent the whole year working hard to keep your body in good shape.

Instead of giving up and hibernating through your winter: these are some of the easiest ways to stay fit during any Canadian winter.

Indoor Gym Memberships

This is the obvious answer, but it’s not free.  For anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars a month, you can get a gym pass that will allow you to work out whenever you want within a heated facility.  Unfortunately, this is expensive to many. 

Enjoying Winter Sports

Winter sports are some of the most thrilling out there!  You’ll find a skating rink no matter where you are in Canada.  Try to get a season pass to go skating multiple times a week.  This is a fantastic full-body workout that everyone can do, even if you’re new to the sport.  If you live in a more active area like Whistler or Banff, you can take on skiing and snowboarding so that you can stay active in these ways as well.  Make sure to dress as warmly as possible, and be sure to treat your body right.  

Taking On City Walking

City walking is an athletic activity that can be done year-round and will keep you warm despite the snow and sludge undertow.  Of course, you have to be careful not to slip, but walking a few miles every day will help increase your dexterity and balance in the winter, and keeping active will help keep the pounds off. 

Buy Yourself At-Home Equipment

Although buying real estate in Toronto can be expensive, it’s time to invest in a home gym if you already have some.  Consider investing in a Peloton bike, or any stationary bike, some weights, and even a treadmill if you can.  These purchases will ensure you can change up your routine every day and will allow you to stay active without getting bored.  If you can, place a television or some Bluetooth speakers around your workout equipment so you can stay entertained.

Drink Tons of Water

Water is the best thing you can do for your body in the winter.  Of course, you can get this in through warm sugar and milk-free tea if you want a hot drink, but any hydration is vital in the winter since it ensures that your body will continue to work hard pushing the weight out.  Beyond this, winter is usually the driest season, so drinking more water will ensure that you don’t end up with cracked and flakey skin.

Winter Weight Doesn’t Have to be an Eventuality.

Although many act like winter weight is a problem just waiting to happen: it doesn’t have to be.  Instead, allow yourself to stay in shape while also heating yourself through these chilly winter months!

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