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Ayahuasca Retreat Mexico

We are a non-profit and transformational ayahuasca retreat center in Mexico committed to those that heed the call to reconnect with their essence on a deeper level. Our system is designed to ensure that each participant can find stability within themselves. Every element of the retreat is cautiously deliberated to revive the connection with your higher self.

In order to provide a proper setting we continuously maintain a smooth and harmonious environment, that’s why here at Ayahuasca retreat Mexico, we have chosen to create a substance free zone. Safety is our most important precedence and being completely clean is the safest way to go deeper with ayahuasca.

Surrounded with the aid of fantastically landscaped gardens and the enamouring Mexican jungle, our retreats consist of multiple ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as spiritual workshops, yoga training, one-of-a-kind accommodation, and a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet.

Our Ayahuasca Retreats

Our facility was envisioned and created with the sole intention to host and provide the highest quality ayahuasca retreats in Mexico. Every aspect of the retreat has been taken into consideration and planned to be able to obtain the state of harmony you need. Every month we attract people from all over the globe who come to experience the rawness of the jungle. Here you will meet other like-minded people interested in self development and aligning with their essence.

In 1996, our main guide Silvia hosted her first ayahuasca retreat in Peru. After a few retreats there she felt the calling to move to Mexico. Following this feeling, Zoe Seven, co-founded TheVine, in the midst of the beautiful Caribbean Jungle, simply minutes away from breath-taking beaches of the Caribbean Sea, near the serene oasis Bacalar, in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

We host both nine day and eleven day retreat programs throughout the year. During the retreats, the ayahuasca ceremonies are on different nights time, and they are accompanied by among there are daily workshops and different activities to integrate your experiences and insights.  There is also ample time to reflect, enjoy the beauty of the jungle, and just relax!

The Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca is the name for the historical shamanic brew, prepared from two sacred flora – the bark of the Caapi vine and the leaves of the Chacruna plant. It has been used for millennia in South American countries in conventional ayahuasca healing rituals and for deepening one’s non secular reference to the Earth and the Universe. This sacred brew, ayahuasca, is now being socially recognized and people can drink it everywhere although it is still unlawful in most places. Also, many humans are searching for an ayahuasca ‘trip’, though this  might be making it sound like it’s just a leisure drug or something for a  birthday celebration. However, an ayahuasca experience is something to revel in, and when in the right set hands, is profound and sacred in ways that are tough to comprehend and even to express. In our opinion, it’s worth dedicating at the least 1 week of your time on this plane to head deeper and do a full retreat instead with us.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

An ayahuasca retreat is a conventional practice in which a facilitator together with a shaman or ‘ayahuasquero’ will maintain space for others to undergo the ayahuasca experience.

Our ceremonies take place at night time in darkness, as that is the conventional practice of ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru. During our 9 day retreat we even have a daylight hours ritual wherein our aim is to connect with nature and learn from it’s endless wisdom.

We facilitate a safe and calm area so that you can allow yourself to take a dive deep into your past iand re-connect with your essence and better self. The music we use throughout these ceremonies assist to bring you  back when the time is right

We grow our own natural ayahuasca crops and harvest them in a sustainable way. Our brew is prepared from the chacruna plant and the caapi vine (free from additives).

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