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What Should You Look for While Buying PRP Kits for Sale?

An adequate PRP kit is vital in numerous cosmetic practices and clinics that provide platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Although it is possible to prepare PRP using any centrifugation device to separate platelet concentration from other blood components, the sole method to obtain a refined form of PRP suitable for treatment is by using a specialized medical device designed for PRP.

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What key factors should purchasers consider when browsing available PRP kits for sale?

Given that the primary objective of any PRP centrifuge is to obtain a PRP sample with a substantial platelet count and concentration, acquiring a PRP kit capable of yielding a significant ratio of usable platelets holds the utmost importance.

When addressing a patient’s needs seeking autologous platelet-rich plasma, opting for a PRP medical device proficient at effectively eliminating blood components should be the primary choice.

Understand how to make PRP injections

Autologous platelet-rich plasma therapy is an advanced form of regenerative medicine that employs a patient’s concentrated platelets to initiate the body’s innate healing response. Its applications span diverse fields such as sports medicine, dental and oral surgery.

The PRP preparation requires the following significant steps:

1. Blood extraction

Drawing blood from the patient’s arm necessitates a syringe. Subsequently, the collected blood sample is placed within a PRP tube before being introduced into the centrifuge apparatus.

2. Centrifugation

The platelets will be isolated from other blood components, during this procedure such as –

  • Neutrophils
  • Monocytes
  • Cytokines
  • Stem cells.

A proficient PRP system should be able to produce a plasma sample with an optimal platelet concentration ranging from 5 to 7 times.

Three commonly used separation methods exist:

  • Gel separator – Compared to alternative PRP procedures, this system typically yields the lowest quantity of platelets.
  • Buffy coat Some kits result in the formation of a buffy coat. This visibly thin layer contains a notable concentration of viable platelets and many leukocytes. 
  • Buffy coat based having double spin This approach involves an additional centrifugation step applied to the whole blood, further eliminating red blood cells from the PRP solution.

3. Activation

This procedure entails combining an enzyme with the PRP, facilitating the release of proteins, nutrients, and growth factors that trigger the therapeutic healing effects.

Determining the best PRP kit

When preparing for autologous PRP treatment, the centrifuge apparatus should facilitate the extraction process and ensure the desired platelet concentration for injection.

The market offers various reputable commercial PRP kit brands, with the pivotal consideration being the machine’s ability to yield potent platelet-rich plasma concentration.

Suboptimal platelet concentration could compromise the efficacy of PRP treatment for your patient.

Ensuring the purity of the PRP solution is vital for safe injection. Therefore, a system protecting against infectious agents like bacteria and viruses is crucial.

A recommended feature is a venting hood to cover while drawing off the buffy coat. Opting for an all-in-one system, where the syringe doubles as the centrifugation tube, minimizes the risk of air contamination during blood transfer, enhancing the overall safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

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