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Painless Root Canal Treatment

When there is tooth decay then it either needs to be removed or have a root canal treatment. Here the problem is particularly inside the tooth or dental pulp. In root canal treatment, the infected pulp is removed and cleaned. This helps to avoid the removal of the tooth and save the tooth. The root canal of the tooth is the part of the pulp cavity and it is inside the roots. The pulp is made of the blood vessels and the nerves. The shapes of the root canal differ from one person to another.

What is the procedure of root canal treatment?

The pulp infection occurs mainly due to severe tooth decay. In this situation, root canal treatment is recommended by most dental experts. Here, the pulp is removed, cleaned, and then sealed properly. The procedure for the root canal dentist treatment is very simple which is done step-wise.

Here is the procedure for the root canal treatment:

  • On the first visit, the dentist will take the impression of the tooth to understand the severity of the tooth decay and do the root canal correctly.
  • During the root canal treatment, the dentist will give the local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth where the root canal will be done. This will make the whole process endurable and painless.
  • After ensuring that the affected area is numb, the thin sheet will be put by the dentist over the infected area. It will isolate the infected tooth to some extent. This is basically done to make the whole treatment process germ-free.
  • The dentist will then remove the infected pulp with the specially designed instrument. The pulp chambers and the root canal are also cleaned with antibacterial and antiseptic solutions.
  • A proper cleaning is done twice to ensure that there is no debris pulp cavity is left.
  • After proper shaping of the root canals, the proper fillings are selected. These fillings are then placed firmly and securely in the proper place. A proper placing of the filling is very important, else it may cause the infection.
  • After the completion of this, the dentist will give proper antibiotics to avoid any infection and heal the area soon. So, it is important to follow the instructions about the medications properly.
  • After completion of the whole procedure, permanent restoration is important. Here, proper sealing is done and the structure if the lost tooth is restored properly.

What care must be taken after the root canal treatment?

root canal

After the completion of the root canal treatment, it is important to take care properly for a few days. This will ensure that there is no infection and your tooth is in good condition for a prolonged period.

Here is little care to be taken after the root canal treatment:

  • Using ice cubes after completion of treatment to avoid the bleeding and make the healing faster.
  • Take proper medications as suggested by the dentist.
  • Avoid spitting for one day when the root canal treatment is completed.
  • Avoid eating or drinking very hot or cold foodstuffs.
  • Put the cap after a few days to avoid any damage to the tooth and keep it in better condition.

Is it possible for a single sitting root canal treatment?

Earlier, it was not possible for a single sitting root canal treatment and the patient has to visit the dental office 4 to 7 times. However, now it is possible to get the single sitting root canal treatment if the condition of the infection is not severe. Here, you need to take some more time for a single day where all the root canal procedures can be done.

Can I get painless root canal treatment?

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When getting the treatment on the root canal in the pulp area, the pain is evident. However, now mostly, local anesthesia is given by the dentist that numbs the area around the infected tooth. This makes the root canal treatment painless. However, there are possibilities of minor pain for around two days after the completion of the root canal treatment. However, taking proper medications can give relief nicely.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

Generally, in India, the root canal cost in India starts from Rs.4,000/-. However, the cost will increase if the complexity around the tooth is more. Also, the cost differs to a little extent as per the location where the treatment is done. The cost will vary from one service provider to another as per their calibre, expertise, and experience. The cost of the cap after the treatment is charged separately.

Root canal treatment is one of the proper solutions for treating the severely decayed tooth. If done early, the root canal treatment can be very painless. See your dentist right away to get the root canal treatment. It will help to restore the overall dental health nicely.

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