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Must-Have Tools for Small Business Success

Change. It is coming. It is around us. From the way we used to shop to the patterns of our grocery haul, we have experienced a change in every aspect. In business too, change is producing. From taking the business to home to running an effective remote working team, we have come a long way. However, for small businesses, the change brought some major hurdles.

Many small businesses suffered greatly from the disaster of the pandemic. Not only did the small businesses felt reluctant towards major work shifts but now as the situation is started getting normalized, the small business owners are finding it hard to replicate what other major businesses are doing. The constant change in business modules, operational standards, and everything, in general, is not helping a small business.

After taking more than a year to understand and adapt to the remote working standards many small business owners and employees saw stability. Employees working from home faced internet connectivity issues, home and work-life balance, and a lot more in the initial remote working days. However, many remote working employees and even small business owners have their hands on renowned and affordable internet mediums such as Spectrum internet Bakersfield . Not only this but also many employees have created a well-structured routine to not let remote work disrupt their home life.

So keeping the employee’s comfort business success in mind, many small business owners started reconsidering the thought to jump back into the physical marketplace or stay at home and let the remote work do its duty.

Whatever the case might be, we have created a list of all-on-one business tools that will make the operational work easier for small businesses.

Connect Team

Now that you have many remote employees who are still desk-less employees you might need connect team. Connect team is specially designed to cater needs of remote working employees. Connect team enhances the daily business routine by making it easier for managers to offer their feedback to employees, track work hours, enhance engagement, and a lot more. The app also helps to make the payroll process a lot easier for small business owners. Connect team helps in sharing intuitive schedules, brings transparency in the process, and helps makes communication in collaboration easier for remote working employees.

Google Docs and Friends

You cannot write a blog about free business tools for small businesses and not mention Google. Google is the internet giant we all know but not all of us are unaware of its awesome free tools that are helping small businesses to survive in the competitive business market.

When it comes to sharing files and engaging work collaboration Google Docs, Slides, and Sheet are the go-to platforms. Especially for the remote workers who want to ensure the secure delivery of project files Google drive stores the files on platforms. This way the employees can avoid the endless back and forth email when collaboration on various work projects. by LogMeIn

Gone are the days for long conference calls. The conferencing tools bring the perfect solution to conference meetings but letting you address multiple employees or clients, from the comfort of your home or office chair. You do not need to head over to the client’s place or ask your remote employees to show up to the office for a meeting. All you need to do is have them platforms.


The easy way to project management and team collaboration, Proofhub, is one of the best options for small businesses.

The platform brings many solutions to the table that subtracts the need for task managers, time trackers, file sharing, reporting solutions, collaboration, and a lot more. The all-in-one software gives the office a central source for all things required.


Zapier is one of the most business-oriented automation tools. Zapier helps in flawless communication with the tool, software, and service you are currently using for operational work for your business.

Bottom Line

You do need a whole team of software experts to grow your business. You can push-start your business towards success by getting expertise on small business goals.





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