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Thermage FLX Treatment – A non-surgical skin tightening procedure

The Thermage procedure provides a non-surgical face lift option for individuals seeking a way to firm and tighten aging or damaged skin. Thermage FLX utilizes a radiofrequency device to stimulate collagen and remove fine lines and wrinkles and bring about a more youthful facial appearance.

Length and details of a Thermage treatment procedure:

During the Thermage procedure the top layers of the skin are protected with a cooling spray while the Thermocool-wand heats the skin’s collagen with radiofrequency energy. The heat component acts upon the skins lower layers which in turn causes the skin to immediately tighten. The Thermage procedure is an outpatient procedure that typically takes 15 minutes to an hour based on the extent of the area being treated. The sensations felt during the Thermage procedure is often described as a short, deep heating sensation. To ensure comfort and protect the skin the Thermage procedure continually utilizes a cooling spray throughout the entire procedure.

Thermage procedure recovery time:

Individuals undergoing the 熱瑪吉 Procedure are able to resume their regular activities immediately following the procedure. Some individuals may encounter mild redness resembling that of sunburn following the procedure. This is temporary and usually disappears quickly.

Potential Thermage procedure side effects:

With the Thermage procedure is in use world-wide and has amassed an exceptional safety record. With an estimated 70,000 + treatments, the reported occurrence of side effects is less than 1%. Of the reported side effects, swelling, redness, bumps and blisters accounted for the majority of temporary issues. The duration of these side effects typically vanished in a 3 to 10 days.

Are Thermage treatment results long-lasting?

Individuals receiving the Thermage procedure may continue to see improvements for several months after a single treatment. Depending on the individuals aging process the collagen changes resulting from a Thermage procedure can last several years. The results of the Thermage procedure typically last two or more years.

How much will procedures like Thermage cost?

The price of a Thermage procedure will depend on your individual needs. It will also vary cost based on your geographic location. Costs for a Thermage treatment procedure typically average from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the size and duration of treatment.

Will my insurance cover a Thermage facial treatment?

Because a Thermage procedure is considered an elective procedure, insurance usually will not cover the operation.

Thermage applies heat technology to the deeper layers of the skin in order to stimulate the proteins in the skin to do what they do best. The product website mentions Collagen Protein specifically, claiming that Thermage promotes the performance and development of the protein. In this way, the body remains free of both the knife and the injection.

According to procedure promotion, Thermage is useful for many skin conditions and many body parts. Consumers can have treated their eyes, face, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, buttocks, and knees. If your skin is looking saggy, wrinkly, or like a bunch of crepes, Thermage claims to be able to help.

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