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How to Get Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Card?

A state-authorized doctor can issue a medical marijuana license. To be eligible for one, patients first need to visit their doctor. Then, they will need to describe their symptoms and ailments and get a diagnosis.

A physician must also confirm that the patient isn’t suffering from any medical conditions that may prevent them from legally using medical marijuana. Once this is complete, physicians will submit information about their patients to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Programme. They then determine if they have all the qualifications to get a license.

Ohio residents who meet these requirements must apply (or register ID) for an identification card. This card allows them to purchase medicinal marijuana from licensed dispensaries. This certificate is good for one year. Patients will also need to apply online for a personal growth permit. This allows them up to 12 plants to grow in their home and they can sell or give away the rest.

Revocation of a patient’s license and criminal prosecutions will follow if they fail to adhere to these requirements. This depends on the severity.

What Conditions Are Required To Obtain A Medical Cannabis Card In Ohio?

These conditions allow you to get an Ohio medical marijuanas card.

Alzheimer’s disease (Cancer, Glaucoma), HIV (AIDS), Chronic & Severe Pain (Chronic and Severe), Parkinson’s Disease (PDP), Post-traumatic Stress Disorders /PTSD (PTSD), and their treatment.

Although doctors can recommend marijuana use to treat any ailments, they must first assess if their patients are qualified. Doctors will have to visit their patients every month after prescribing cannabis and may order follow-ups if the patient does not respond to it.

Once a patient receives a medical marijuana permit, they can either grow their cannabis or purchase it at one of the licensed dispensaries across the state. The Cannabis Control Commission ruled that patients may possess up to 90 days’ worth of medical marijuana at any time.

Patients who use marijuana as a treatment for more than ten days consecutively should inform their doctor. An updated prescription must then be issued.

A patient who has received a medical marijuana card must inform their employer (if an employee) or school (if a student) that they have received approval for cannabis treatment. Anybody violating this provision can lose access to their medical marijuana card via suspension.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio?

While it is not easy to obtain an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card, many patients are shocked at how fast they can get their cards. This is because physicians may issue interim marijuana cards to patients until their credentials are validated in the state database.

Anyone over the age of 21 who has been given preliminary clearance for a marijuana card may acquire medicinal cannabis from an approved dispensary. These shops often have all the products qualifying patients to need, such as edibles and oils that fulfill federal rules for shipping and labeling over state boundaries.

Some doctors will recommend that patients wait until they have their permanent card before beginning medical marijuana treatment. Patients who do NOT want to wait for their permanent card can immediately begin to notice improvements in the quality of their life.


Although getting an Ohio license for medical marijuana is not difficult, it requires an initial appointment to see a doctor. This includes appropriate examinations of your qualifying conditions and documentation.

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